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Due to COVID-19 All BARC in-person activities, classes and events have been cancelled until further notice!



BARC now has copies of the RT Systems programming software for the UV-5R series of LCRs, for VX5Rs, VX6Rs FT8800s and more).

This software is much easier to setup and use than VIP or Chirp. See AA6AM if you need to get your LCR or other radio mentioned above programmed.

Some of BARC's Exciting Opportunities:


BARC's Get Your License In-a- Day Classes

Monthly Meetings


Ham Conventions!

Members often attend conventions like Pacificon below:

Various Classes

Field Day!

Field Day is an annual weekend long ARRL event that is part party, part contest and part introduction for  the community to find out what ham radio is!


Morse Code Classes

Benicia Fire Station

Open House


BARC  Videos


One Day Ham Study Class

Some BARCees at

Valley of the Moon Hamfest   2016

Benicia Amateur Radio Club Buddipole

   In the Field Assembly

    by Constance Beutel

Leon, KJ6YQM, SK,

Demonstrating the Club Generator


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Photos mostly by: Michelle Wyman, Art Mayoff & Sue Mayoff

except for Silent Key photos

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